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I have (almost) finished my new personal site: http://www.nisnevich.com, and I have moved several sections of this site over to my new site - the About Me and My Creations sections. This site will no longer be updated, but will continue to hold its large collection of games, animations, and other fun stuff.


I just made a new website, www.PodDonkey.com, a user-driven website dedicated to iPods. Check it out!

In other news, I finally put up some ads on this site, to try to get at least a little money off it. I think I put them in non-intrusive locations however.

Finally, I noticed that nobody went on my forum anymore, so I took it down.

11/27/05 You may be wondering: "Is this guy still alive?!!?" The answer is: Unfortunately Yes. However, I'm so busy and lazy that I don't have time to update this site. I haven't updated in four months and probably won't in the near future. If I will, it will probably only be the "My Creations" section.

In the meantime, most of the sites listed in the "Web Links" section are not run by people as lazy as me and are continuously updated. Feel free to visit those sites.

By the way, my forum is back up... actually it has been for three months: it's just that I just remembered to post the link. Not that anyone will go on anyway...

Long term project: I'm attempting to write a parody of religion, entitled The Book of Bob. When - err.. if - I finish, it will be uploaded to this site for the whole world to see. Unless I get greedy and try to publish it of course...


07/25/05 And the updates are here! I also added a new section: About Me.
07/12/05 Heh. Took me 2 months to notice I didn't upload everything. Oh well. Fixed now.

I'll update in a week or so. I'm extremely busy right now. How can you be so busy during the summer, my American readers may ask. The simple answer is: in California, we have winter during your summer. So there.

As a side note, I took out the forum. Nobody visits it any more. If you want to contact me feel free to e-mail me or visit my blog.
05/14/05 Ahh... the long-awaited updates! 14 new games and 7 new animations, along with some basic maintenance work.
04/30/05 Sorry about the downtime this past week. FTP problems.

I have been really busy and still am, so updates will come... sometime... maybe soon... maybe not...

I noticed there are still problems with the forum. Be patient. As I said, I am extremely busy right now.

04/1/05 Finally fixed the forum, but I'll have to reinstall the features (Shop, RPG, etc.) separately. Expect the usual updates in a week or two.

As an additional note, I'm completely changing the look and feel of the site, ultimately attempting to code it entirely in PHP. Expect a more interactive site ... but be prepared to wait a while.

01/31/05 Happy New Years', exactly one month late! Sorry for the huge delay, but I was... well... delayed... Anyways, I added a bunch of new games, a new animation subsection, and a new version of StickArena.
11/20/04 OK, Webmaster here with your monthly update: new games and animations, and some fixed links.
10/24/04 Sorry 'bout the lack of updates. Anyway, I added a demo of StickArena, the usual new games and animations, and have started fixing some broken links. Don't forget to click on the snail!
09/12/04 Umm.... I completely redid the game, animation, and download sections, so be sure to check them out. Also, The demo of StickArena is due out in a couple of weeks. In other news, the forums now have a word censor, so don't cuss!
07/31/04 Added lots of new stuff, just generally improved the site. Sorry about the lack of updates- I have lots of other stuff to do at the moment.
06/24/04 Made a couple of updates, added some fun games.
05/23/04 K, I added some new games and such but was too busy with my forum for anything else.
05/18/04 Sorry 'bout the lack of updates guys. I've been working on my new forum, which includes RPG features and loads of other goodies. I'll post the regular updates later this week. My schedule is really cramped.
04/18/04 HUGE UPDATE!! Heavily updated clan section and added Animation section. Also did other stuff, that's up to you to find out =).
03/28/04 Didn't do much, but I did update the Clan site and added a New Games section.
03/14/04 Just did some random stuff, changed some pages, added some stuff, updated clan site.
03/6/04 I fixed a bunch of broken links and changed the clan site. Also deleted the old stuff to free up space.
02/29/04 I did a bit of cleanup, separating the old stuff from the new. Also added a bunch of stuff. In other news, the forums moved. See the forum section for details.


I finally added a forum!! I also added a voting thing (don't know if it'll work), a game development section, and, of course, more games!!


The new game zone is, well, new, and completely remastered. Be sure to check it out.


I just added a pretty darn decent game zone onto my website.

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